Macro OEM Timeline

Step 1

Please send over a working prototype of the device or product you would like Macro International to manufacture for you to our offices at: 78 Bunsen, Irvine, CA 92618**Please note that it is the product owner’s responsibility to come up with the design and ensure functionality of the product.  Macro International provides OEM services which means we manufacture to your specs.  Macro International is not liable for any design faults or functionality failure due to poor design and poor testing by clients.

Step 2

Prototype and quoting phase.  Prospective clients will need to pay a non-refundable prototyping fee while we quote out your product.  Prototyping fees range depending on the product anywhere from $300-$1000 and essentially cover overseas air freighting and materials costs.

Step 3

If prospective clients decide to proceed into the prototype and quoting phase, Macro will provide you with a quote along with your prototype we have made to spec according to your sample you initially sent in.  Lead time for prototype services range from 7-30 days.  The quote you will be issued for your product will include: price per unit, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and packaging costs (if applicable).

Step 4

If the quote is agreeable, the next step is to place your order along with a down payment.  The initial down payment amount will be 50% of the order total.

Step 5

Once we receive the official order and the 50% down payment, we will begin to create the confirming sample.  The confirming sample is essentially the finished product with all details incorporated and is what your end customer will see in stores (with you logo, packaging, marketing inserts, hang tags, etc…)  Clients will need to sign off on the confirming sample before we begin mass production.

Step 6

Once our clients sign off on the confirming sample, and before we begin mass production for your project, a 25% deposit of the overall amount will be due.  (So at this point, right before we start mass production for your job, we will have 75% of the order’s funds.  This is not only much better than dealing directly with overseas factories which often times want 100% upfront, but also helps our clients manage their budget and financing).

Step 7

Mass production begins. Once mass production starts, it usually takes 90 days on average until the mass production order is complete and landed in Irvine, CA.

Step 8

Shipment and final payment. Once the remaining 25% is paid to Macro, we will ship your finished goods to you.