Neoprene Rubber Skin Finishes

While Macro has been working to develop the quality and function of our neoprene material, we have introduced several different looks and textures for the neoprene raw skin finishes.  If your neoprene need consists of a rubbery finish on one side for aesthetic or functional purposes, please take a look at our patterns available below.  The below neoprene raw skin textures are made with a unique embossing technique on our cell skin or smooth skin neoprene.

Skin Finishes

Depending on your uses and needs, we have several types of skin finishes to meet your needs.  The raw cell rubber finish is the most basic skin finish we offer.  The smooth skin neoprene rubber finish is our next step up in neoprene skin finishes that gives a completely smooth, non-porous matte finish to the neoprene skin.  The next step up is our Glide Skin or Silk Skin, which is a unique skin finish specially treated to hold metallic sheen matte and sparkly finishes.  Finally, we have our TATEX or Tough Skin neoprene finish which has extremely high density characteristics and provides better strength and resistance than the traditional raw cell, smooth, and silk skin finishes.

With our expansive selection in neoprene rubber skin finishes, if designed properly, can make your neoprene products even more appealing and interesting.

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Neoprene Rubber Skin Finishes:
Airprene - A
Airprene – A
Airprene – E
Airprene – F
ACE: Cell
ASM: Smoothskin
EFG: Gravel Skin
ASH: Shark Skin
ADK: Dura Shark
EBF: Billows Fairskin
AMH: Mesh Skin
EFU: Plexus Fairskin
ESR: Rhombus Smoothskin
DBN: Strata Nylon
ACM: C-Mesh
EFT: Stone Fairskin
ATS: Thread Skin
GDA: Glide Skin
Special Skin Finishes:
Special Finish Characteristics Applications
Airprene Provides the breathability feature for the products that require ventilation and keep perspiration to a minimum. We provide two size holes and three layout patterns. Orthopedic braces or masks when breathability is prefered
Metalite Glue (between the fabric and neoprene foam) Heat retaining effect: Body heat is reflected thus adding warmth for products made with Metalite Glue. Inside of suits, boots and gloves
Glide Skin Group Extremely slippery skin for easy put on and take off. (Please call for color availability). See below
GKA: Glide Skin Smooth Glide Skin with smooth finish.
Extremely Slippery: products made with Glide Skin material on the inside is much easier to put on and take off, while still maintaining a good seal against the skin.
Warmth: Low heat conduction makes the Glide Skin products warmer.
Easy to maintain: With excellent dirt and water repellant qualities, Glide Skin products are very easy to maintain and clean.
Internal side of suits, skin suits, rash guards, boots and gloves, designer swimwear
GDM: Glide Skin Mesh Glide skin with mesh finish. Internal side of suits and gloves
GDC: Glide Skin Cell Glide Skin with cell finish.
When used with 0.5mm neoprene, it will provide insulation, UV protection and warmth needed in skin suits or rash guards.
Internal side of suits, skin suits, rash guards, boots and gloves.
GAM: Dura Glide Skin Mesh Dura Glide Skin with a mesh finish. External side of suits, boots and gloves