Macro Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Services

If you are looking for better pricing on quality manufactured goods, Macro’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services may be the answer for you.  Macro’s OEM services are conducted from Pacific Rim countries helping our customers lower their overall manufacturing costs.  If you choose Macro’s OEM services, you have a local dedicated team located in Irvine, CA working for you—not some overseas company you know nothing about handling your product and hard earned money.  Macro OEM bridges the manufacturing gap and offers not only product manufacturing but also packaging and tagging.

Please note that Macro International offers design consultations, however, the final approval and responsibility for testing is the sole responsibility of the client/customer.  Our experienced sales team may recommend materials to you during the beginning stages of the OEM process, but the final design and functionality of the product is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to test, develop, and eventually sign off on.  We expect that our OEM customers have their designs and patterns completed before inquiring with us.

Macro OEM services are all FOB Irvine, CA and include insurance, overseas shipping, import duties, and customs clearance.  We can also arrange inland delivery to your designated domestic US location as well.

Macro International is service oriented with our customer’s satisfaction as our major emphasis.  We look forward to providing you with great quality products.  When you choose Macro, you choose a strong, loyal partner.

If Macro OEM services interest you, contact our office today and start the OEM process with one of our experienced sales team members.