CoolPlus® Wicking Fabric

Our CoolPlus® wicking sport fabric applies “capillary action” to rapidly wick away sweat from the skin’s surface. With micro slits on the fiber surface, our CoolPlus® fabric absorbs the sweat, transports the sweat down the micro slit channels, and diffuses the moisture. This wicking process releases hot air and moisture out of the body leaving your skin feeling fresh and cool.

So how does CoolPlus® actually wick moisture?

Macro CoolPlus® wicking fabric moves moisture away from the skin and transfers and disperses it to the surface of the garment. With our unique capillary moisture management system, the CoolPlus® wicking fabric quickly transfers moisture via multiple channels to larger surface areas of the garment to assist in moisture evaporation.

Moisture Management

Macro CoolPlus® wicking fabric has 12% – 74% higher diffusion ability and 11% – 47% higher drying effect than that of cotton.

CoolPlus® Breathability

Macro CoolPlus® wicking fabric features extreme breathability for the wearer. Some wicking fabrics may swell when absorbing moisture but Macro’s CoolPlus® wicking fabric moves the moisture out of the garment making it highly breathable. In addition to the breathability of our CoolPlus® material to keep users cool and crisp, Macro’s CoolPlus® wicking fabric also features small micro-slits on the fibers which prevents the fabric from sticking to skin, making the wicking and cooling process that much more efficient.

Ease of Care

CoolPlus® is machine washable. It is also dry and shrink resistant. It is wrinkle resistant and drapes elegantly.

Printing & Sublimation

Macro CoolPlus® fabric has excellent printing and sublimation results making it an ideal fabric for custom design sportswear.


  • Active Wear
  • Casual Wear
  • Underwear


  • Ideal for layering
  • Temperature regulating
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Helps maintain hydration by decreasing the need to sweat
  • Comfortable and form fitting
Macro CoolPlus® Wicking Fabric Physical Properties Chart:
Item CP0100-0423 CP0110-0444 Remarks
  CoolPlus® 55% + High count polyester 45% CoolPlus® 55% + High count polyester 45%  
Width 60” 60”  
Weight 4.23 oz/yd 4.44 oz/yd  
Diffusion Ability OK OK Certify Standard: No water drop remains on fabrics after 3 seconds of 0.1 ml water dropped
Drying ability remained water ratio (%) 13.50 % 13.50 % Certify Standard: Fabrics when tested must remain less than 30% of the original amount of water after 40 minutes (60 minutes for cotton CoolPlus® mixture fabric) of 0.1 ml water dropped.
Wicking height (cm) of 30 minutes 18.5 cm 18.5 cm Certify Standard: Fabric when tested after 30 minutes must wick to the minimum height of 10 cm in knit or 8 cm in woven
Stretch Ability 80% Length / 120% Width 80% Length / 120% Width  
Color Fastness Grade 4.0 4.0