Polypropylene, also known as polyolefin, is the world’s first Nobel Prize winning fiber (in 1996).  Our unique Macro polypropylene is a synthetic breathable fiber widely used in active wear which features fantastic characteristics that keep the user at a steady comfortable temperature.  This light weight, four-way stretch material is ideal for any sports apparel application.

Hydrophobic Yet Breathable

Polypropylene is the LEAST absorbent of all the textile fibers.  Macro Polypropylene does not wet out.  In fact, Polypropylene never holds any moisture by moving the moisture through a vapor stage to the outside of the fabric.  This vapor stage moves moisture away from the skin before it has condensed on the skin, eliminating the clammy wet sensation normal t-shirts product when combined with sweat.

Quick Dry

Polypropylene dries extremely quickly due to the fact that it does not absorb moisture into its fibers.  The fabric will be drying while you wear it making you dry faster and allowing you to stay dryer for longer periods of time.

Insulation & Heat Retention

Polypropylene possesses the lowest thermal conductivity of any natural or synthetic fiber.  This means that more heat is retained for longer and the wearer stays at a constant warm temperature for longer periods of time.  Polypropylene’s insulation factor is greater than any other fiber.

Complete Freedom of Movement

Macro’s Polypropylene and spandex blend is soft to the touch and has complete four-way stretch up to 125% in each direction making it extremely comfortable to wear.

Light Weight

Polypropylene is the lightest of all apparel fibers coming in 30% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon.  Regardless of the activity, a lighter weight material worn means more energy is saved which ultimately breeds improved performance.

Chemical Resistant

Polypropylene will not react to ordinary chemicals.  Body salt and sweat will not degrade and weaken the fabric.  Polypropylene is also resistant to chlorine, bleach, and other harsh detergents.

Odor Resistant

Macro brand Polypropylene is resistant to bacterial, mold, and mildew.  A Polypropylene garment that is washed regularly will not retain body odors.

Abrasion Resistant

Our Macro Polypropylene is an extremely durable fiber that will withstand a lot of wear and tear.  Polypropylene is ideal for areas of clothing that tend to get a lot of wear and tear.  If you are looking for a tough, breathable, wicking panel for your garment, Polypropylene is the perfect fabric for you!

Color Fastness

Polypropylene cannot be dyed as it is pre-colored in the fiber forming stage so the color in the fiber is part of the fiber itself.  Why is this significant?  This pre-coloring during the fiber forming stage equips the polypropylene fibers with extreme color fastness helping the polypropylene fabrics retain their fabric color much longer than other fabrics keeping your garments looking newer for longer.

Environmentally Friendly

Polypropylene is easily recycled and does not produce any toxic gas or harmful by-products.  If thrown away, Polypropylene is biodegradable.

Our Polypropylene

Macro offers Polypropylene in four different weights: 6.5 oz/yd², 7 oz/yd², 7.5 oz/yd², and 8 oz/yd².

Polypropylene Applications

  • Active Wear
  • Thermal Wear / Under Wear
  • Winter WearàPolypropylene is specifically used by the U.S Military for Extended Cold Weather Clothing Systems (ECWCS)
  • Dive & Surf Wear
  • Swim Wear
  • Others: tents, luggage, workwear, upholstery, hats, gloves, medical textiles, etc.