Our PBT is a unique combination of polyester and PBT yarn.  PBT yarn is texturized polyester with a natural stretch comparable to that of Lycra®.  The most unique characteristic of PBT is that it is chlorine resistant.  Our PBT fabric is also resistant to salt water and chlorine water color fading.

Chlorine Resistant

PBT has excellent chlorine resistance.  The fabric is not easily hurt by chlorinated water and thus will hold up in products that are made for pool use.  Our PBT fabric is the ideal material for your pool products!

PBT Performance

Macro’s PBT does not absorb water and thus makes the swimsuit light weight under water.  Additionally, Macro’s PBT has extremely unique recovery properties allowing the PBT fabric to always return to its original shape even after extreme strain.  Taking into account these characteristics, this form fitting fabric can really increase the performance for any demanding water sport application where every second counts.

Fast Drying

Our PBT does not absorb water.  Once it is wet, it will repel the water quickly, keeping the wearer dry when needed.


PBT does not really snag in the traditional sense.  However, if the PBT is put under extremely rough treatment, fine hairs may appear on the suit.  If your goal is longevity or if the intended user is too young to take special care of a Lycra® suit, your best option is our PBT.


Macro’s PBT fabric comes in two different weights: 5 oz/yd² & 6.2 oz/yd².  We also make a unique PBT lining material as well which is a lot lighter than the above mentioned two weights.