Sports Performance Fabrics

At Macro International, we specialize in four kinds of unique sports fabrics:

Minimum Quantity Required

Please note that all our Sport Performance Fabrics are Custom import, and minimum order quantity is 500 yards.

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Please note that the required minimum order quantity is 500 yards.

CoolPlus® Wicking Fabric

Our CoolPlus® wicking sport fabric applies “capillary action” to rapidly wick away sweat from the skin’s surface. With micro slits on the fiber surface, our CoolPlus® fabric absorbs the sweat, transports the sweat down the micro slit channels, and diffuses the moisture. This wicking process releases hot air and moisture out of the body leaving your skin feeling fresh and cool.

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PBT Fabric

PBT fabric is a special blend of polyester and PBT yarn. PBT is texturized polyester with a natural stretch comparable to that of Lycra®. The most unique characteristic of PBT is that it is chlorine resistant. Macro brand PBT fabric is also resistant to salt water and chlorine water color fading.

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Polypropylene is the world’s first Nobel Prize winning fiber. Our amazing Macro polypropylene is a synthetic breathable fiber widely used in active wear which features splendid characteristics that keep the user at a steady comfortable temperature. This light weight, four-way stretch material is ideal for any sports apparel application.

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UV Protection Series

The UV protection series sports fabrics include several different fabrics that all possess UPF ratings ranging from 40-50+. All UV protection series fabrics are either a polyester/Spandex® blend or a nylon/Spandex® blend. Macro UV protectant fabrics come in a myriad of colors and offer excellent UV protection perfect for any outdoor exercise and lifestyle wearable.

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