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Neoprene Foam Types

Please consult with the chart below to find the type of neoprene foam that best fits your needs.  We have neoprene foam rubber in a variety of densities and chemical formulations based on end product use. Please contact us for details.

C Foam
Special compression resistant. Heavy-duty density. Developed for deep sea diving.
Neoprene dry suits
D Foam
Better compression resistant, most suitable for professional diving suits.
Professional diving suits and boots
L Foam
Our regular neoprene foam. Soft and stretchable, Ozone resistant. Available in black neoprene foam and white neoprene foam.
All types of water sports and diving suits, boots, gloves and accessories
K Foam
Heavy density. Hardness is higher than L foam. Suitable for products with higher strength and more protection requirements.
Orthopedic and sport support products. Kayak skirts and boots.
J Foam
Heaviest density. Hardness is above all Foams.
Boots, orthopedic and sport support products
F Foam (UL approved)
Fire retardant neoprene has been tested and approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in the thickness of 3mm, 5mm and 6.5mm.
Life jacket, survival (immersion) suit and wheel chair seating
N Foam
Lighter by about 25% than L foam.  Soft, more stretchier than L foam, allowing better feel and freedom of movement.
All surface water sport products such as surfing suits
S Foam
Lighter by about 20% than L foam. Soft, more stretchier than L foam, easy to put-on and take-off, feel the freedom of movement.
All surface water sport products such as surfing and triathlon suits
E Foam
Mid-range quality foam, yet still retaining ozone resistant characteristics. Another choice besides neoprene foam and B foam.
Boots, gloves and waders
B Foam
Made of 70% SBR and 30% neoprene. Although not as resistant to ozone as regular neoprene rubber sheets, but pricing is much more competitive.
Orthopedic and sport support products. Accessories for indoor sports.

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