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If you want to take advantage of lower prices by importing from Pacific Rim countries, but don't know how to locate a realiable factory, and don't want to risk your own capital to some foreign company you don't know about, Macro can help bridge the gap for what you need.
Zipper &
Zipper Pull
Webbings &
Hook &
Loop Velcro
Back Pack &
Lunch Box

We will survey 3 to 5 factories and give you a quotation and counter samples (if applicable) for your approval. The price we will quote is FOB Long Beach, CA and includes insurance, overseas shipping, import duties and customs clearance. We can also arrange inland delivery to your designated location (i.e. to your door).
Fishing Pouches
Resin Figurines
Picture Frames
Tin Cans

Most importantly, there will be a minimum quantity imposed by the foreign factories, depending on the type of product and its value - generally about $5,000.00. We are particularly knowledgeable in neoprene rubber related products, nylon zippers, webbings and buckles, oxford nylon bags, resin, and tin cans. Macro is service oriented with customer satisfaction as our major emphasis. We look forward to providing your with great quality products. When you choose Macro, you have yourself a strong loyal partner.
Sports Caps
Gel Seat

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