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Are you considering having your neoprene product manufactured overseas? Our neoprene factories overseas have a very strong product design group to help perfect your neoprene finished product.
Here is what we can do for you step by step:

We can help you design your neoprene product from the idea stage or help you with the finishing touches on your existing design.

  1. We will give you a prototype sample and quotation for your approval.
  2. There will be a minimum quantity you will need to order.
  3. The lead time is usually 60 - 90 days from the date of your purchase order.
  4. We have all the visa required to ship the neoprene products to the United States. We will arrange all the ocean shipping, insurance, U.S. Customs clearance, and inland delivery to your door.
Our neoprene factories produce a wide range of grades and thickness variations of neoprene, so there is sure to be one to fit your product needs. Please call us for more information.

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