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  Spacer Fabric


The spacer fabric has three layers with monofilament yarns standing between upper and backing fabrics. Spacer fabric is not three different fabrics laminated or glued together, instead it is all three fabrics woven together on a Raschel knitting machine.

The most important and desirable feature of spacer fabric is that it breathes. The air-spaced interior core; i.e. the pressure resistant, resiliently compressible monofilament yarn in the middle layer, ventilates and moves the moisture away from the body.

In brief, spacer fabric effectively simulates the stretchability, compressibility and resiliency of conventional foam material such as neoprene/EVA/sponge foam while providing enhanced air and moisture permeability.


• Orthopedic braces
• Slings
• Bandages
• Operating-table pad
• Mattress and cushion (provide ventilation and pressure relief)
• Molded bra cups
• Panels of clothing/apparel/jacket
• Car seat covers
• Wheel chair seat covers
• Footwear (athletic shoes)


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