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Macro Products, Inc.
78 Bunsen, Irvine, CA 92618
Phone:  (949)727-1888
Fax:  (949)727-1488


Macro has been an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of neoprene products since 1984.  Something must have been done right for a company to be around for nearly three decades.  Indeed, when you come to Macro you will be in good hands.

We ship our neoprene rubber sheets and rolls world wide though heavily concentrated in United States, Canada and Mexico.  And in Irvine, California we warehouse on average 50,000 neoprene sheets in different thicknesses and colors to provide the immediate dispatch for our customers. 

Besides neoprene sheet and roll material, we also make neoprene related finished products.  Over the years we have added many complementary product lines, including neoprene sporting goods, sport performance fabrics, and spacer fabric. We are OEM for many of our customers.  Gradually we expanded into medical soft products, and in 2009 we acquired BallBrite - the pocket golf ball/iron cleaner made from neoprene.  BallBrite is a must for many golfers, and is also an excellent tournament gifts.

We also provide custom import service.  If you have a product in mind and want it to be produced overseas, we can work with you to make your dream come true.

Why do customers like to work with us?

We have factories in Taiwan, China and Thailand to handle every aspect of your needs. Our goal has not been changed since 1984, and that is to be a reliable business partner with you. Your growth will be our mission and there lies our ultimate growth.   



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Macro International Co

78 Bunsen, Irvine, CA 92618

phone: (949) 727-1888

fax: (949) 727-1488

Macro International is the leading neoprene material supplier since 1984.